Every new ride on your Grapevine Powersports KTM outside Dallas, is an ADVENTURE waiting to be experienced – a dream that is yours to realize. The adventurous spirit lurks in all of us, but few ever answer its call. For those with the courage and vision to follow their sense of adventure, KTM is the perfect match. True adventurers, permanently challenging themselves, looking to new horizons for the next goal, destination or opponent to conquer. It's what makes Texans, well, Texans!



Grapevine, TX

I have a 2007 Vulcan 900 Classic LT, which I purchased from Grapevine Kawasaki. This is my first bike and I bought it with the intention of taking a vacation to Colorado with friends. I was leaning towards the Nomad 1600 at first, because I just wasn't sure how the 900 would perform at higher altitude. The sales staff realized this was my first bike and felt the 900 would be a better choice at this time. They assured me it would perform just fine in the mountains. I just got back from that trip yesterday and the performance of the bike exceeded my expectations. It ran just as well at higher altitude (as high as 11,000 ft), as it does here in the DFW area. The exceleration and ability to maintain speed, on steep inclines, was awesome. I could not be happier with the bike, or Grapevine Kawasaki. I highly recommend both.


Grand Prairie, TX

I've always wanted a bike and finally while my husband was getting his, I made the decision to buy one myself. Bonnie, you were the biggest influence on me when it came to buying my bike, I knew after talking with you, that it really was cool for ladies to own their own and have a little fun too. I bought a 2009 Vulcan 900 classic LT and after working with Nate on the first purchase it was a no brainer to go right back and talk to him about purchasing my bike. This has been the best decision of our lives, riding together as a couple has been so much fun, it allows us to not be Mom & Dad for a little while, and have a blast together. Bonnie has been wonderful, and after she came out with the Wed brunch for the ladies I was thrilled! Having the new selection for the ladies is exciting, and I'll keep comin back for more! Every single person that works at Grapevine Kawasaki makes a persons buying experience professional yet they give a personal touch at the same time, and I plan on buying all my future bikes from you guys! You make it obvious that you guys love what you do, and it radiates to your customers. Russell and I love all you guys, and tell everyone that you guys above any other place is the place to go!


Irving, TX

I have been riding since 1995. I have owned many GoldWings, crotch rockets, cruisers, BMW's, Triumph, Yamahas, sport tourers and now I own a brand new 2009 Concours 14. This is the finest sport tourer made in my opinion. I enjoy it much more than the 2007 GoldWing I still own and ride. For two up riding the WING is King. For one up sport touring and riding to work this New Concours rocks. My gas mileage is and honest 42 to 43 MPG. For the horse power and performance you can not ask for more from any bike. This bike is smooth as glass at 100 MPH. I suggest a Throttlemiester throttle lock to give your wrist a break. I have never known a nicer bunch of people than these people who own and work at this dealership. If you are local stop and see these people, they will cut you a great deal and you will be happy with them. I am a long time big time Honda guy, this is my first Kawasaki and I think I made a great choice. The Concours is sport tourer bike of the year in some motor mags. If you are a sport touring person check this awesome bike out. Yes the heat from the motor on this 2009 is a bit warm but hey that is a small thing with me. I love this bike. Thanks to my new friends at Grapevine Kawasaki I am now a very happy owner of the Connie 14


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